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Pharma Reviews – a new project by B2B market specialists in aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery, OB-GYN, and other spheres. Here, you can find honest reviews of different medical products suppliers and thus avoid frauds on the Internet.

As we are now living in the new reality, more and more beauticians and aesthetic medicine clinics decide to purchase dermal fillers, botulinum toxin-based products, mesotherapy, orthopedic and OB-GYN goods, and other essentials for cosmetic procedures online. That’s very comfortable but also can be risky due to the number of frauds out there who sell expired products or may disappear after you pay for the order.

That is why we’ve gathered voluntarily to protect people from scammers on the Internet and clean up the medical niche from deception. We’ve analyzed the market, checked hundreds of suppliers in various spheres, and created this website to indicate who is the fraud and what companies are worth trusting.

Not only can you read more about various companies, but you may also leave your honest feedback and tell other people about your own experience with different suppliers. If you didn’t find the company in the listing – contact our professional team of volunteers, who will check your request and add it to the website if it’s not there. Your help and comments are very important to us.

Let’s make the medical supplies market free from scammers and frauds together!


Hanna BanichA few words about the main founder of the doctor – Hanna Banich

Position: Aesthetician/Clinic’s Owner
Education: Aesthetician-Esthetician Career Training Program, Milan Institute, California, USA

I remember myself being in the beauty industry or beauty-related projects whole my life. My journey began with a job in the beauty industry. I started as a makeup artist. One of the greatest benefits of this work, in my opinion, was the ability to bring people joy when they saw these temporary changes in their appearance. Apparently, this was the main impetus for retraining as a certified professional with knowledge of medicine and aesthetic practices. When I decided that I still wanted to combine my life with a career in medicine, I started with professional training at the Milan Institute. After graduation, I successfully started working in one of the clinics as an assistant. Later, thanks to my hard work on myself, and thirsting for new knowledge, I got the position of Aesthetician. The beauty industry is quite changeable and requires constant training.

The support and trust of my clients prompted me to open my own clinic. And my dream has come true, I have been successfully working in my small clinic where there are only 10 of us as of now. I believe there will be more in the future. In my clinic and in my practice, I always adhere to the highest and strictest standards of work. We work only on the most modern and innovative equipment. We order all products only from verified distributors who have passed the relevant accreditation and have all the necessary licenses. After all, during my work, I came across unscrupulous suppliers. Sometimes I was simply deceived. But I developed some knowledge and skills on how to quickly recognize such cases. I was well aware that so many scammers are a serious obstacle to market development and healthy competition. Beauty morning should only work on honest people and then there will be no problems with pricing or customer trust. So I found others who were not indifferent and formed a volunteer team which includes a representative of more than 10 private practices of plastic surgeons, aestheticians, and medical spa.

I am confident that together we will be able to quickly and permanently clear this market of fraud. In today’s world, it is simply impossible to allow any scammer to create a website and deceive doctors.

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If there is no specific company on our list that you want to leave feedback on, or if one of the companies is yours and you want to appeal a review, make a request, and our manager will contact you. Please note that we are not a commercial organization and do this on a volunteer basis. So sometimes, there may be a delay in processing your data.
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