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why do we do this on a volunteer basis? Who else but us!


Who controls whether the information and feedback on this website are truthful?

We have a team of professional volunteers united on the basis of clinics and SPA-salons. Our organization is working strictly on a volunteer basis, so there could be some delays in our activities. We are apologizing in advance and asking you to be patient.

How to add the company that is not listed on the website or appeal the review/complaint?

Leave request by clicking the “Leave request” button below, and our representative will contact you to confirm the information.

Why are there so many scam companies on the market?!

Direct B2B online sales in the medical niche just started gaining popularity. Frauds are successfully taking advantage of the companies or doctors who are trying to save some money. But the patients’ health is not something you can save up on!
Here are a few signs marking scammers:
  • Payment only via bank or Moneygram / Western Union / Bitcoin (there are rare cases when companies only accept bank payments and are not frauds. If so, check their reputation carefully);
  • Prices are much lower than other B2B prices on the market;
  • The company offers an unbelievable discount (e.g., 30 or 50%);
  • The company doesn’t have contact information, qualified support, company details, or ordering terms on the website;
  • The company does not request a medical license when selling medicines that have usage restrictions.

Who can leave the review at

Any user can leave feedback with a limit of 1 review per 1 company. If you need to change the review in the future, you have to make a request to the support service by clicking the button “leave a request”. Some organizations and doctors want to remain anonymous, so we’ve included this option. Feedback becomes available only after moderation by our team, who don’t accept fake and irrelevant reviews.
How to define whether the product is counterfeit? This is not an easy task. Only someone who is constantly working with the product can define whether it is original at first sight. We can recommend you check the holograms carefully and examine drugs’ jars/syringes. However, the most effective way is to buy from reliable suppliers with positive reviews and reputation. If you need more info, you can find a detailed article on how to distinguish fakes on our blog.

Leave a request about the company

If there is no specific company on our list that you want to leave feedback on, or if one of the companies is yours and you want to appeal a review, make a request, and our manager will contact you. Please note that we are not a commercial organization and do this on a volunteer basis. So sometimes, there may be a delay in processing your data.
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