Through our head office in Sweden, Malmö we provide thousands of clinics with the products and services they need to take them and our industry to a higher level.

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Time on the market: 4 years
Shipping terms:
  • WorldWide shipping
  • Shipping to the USA
  • Thermal packaging
  • Secure payment
  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer
  • Responsibility for customs
  • Express delivery
  • Botulinium toxins
  • Dermal fillers
  • Orhopedics injection
  • OB-GYN
Сomplaints: 1
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  1. The address was put incorrectly, my package was delivered to the wrong place. no one took responsibility for their mistakes

  2. Marelimedical, not bad. I order a few dermal fillers and must say that the price was good. Your delivery service also didn’t let me down. Will order again.

  3. Good company with a very pleasant and polite customer representative. Marry, if I am not mistakes, was really helpful. I called a lot because this was my first order and I worried if everything was alright. She provided me with updates every time I called. I appreciate it. Thank you.

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  1. I ordered at Marelimedical almost a month ago, but my $3000 order got stuck at the border. I’m a very patient and understanding person, but the company decided to ignore me instead of helping, and at this point, I’m just losing my nerves. I asked about documents to make the whole process of getting my parcel easier, but they blocked my phone number everywhere, and now I can’t get in touch with them. I’m very disappointed, didn’t expect it’ll turn out like this.
    1. We’ve got the proofs and tried to contact sales representatives at Marelimedical. However, the supplier ignored our request. We’re very sorry about this unpleasant situation.

      Thank you for informing other customers and us.

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About Marelimedical

Mareli Medical AB was founded in 2015 with the ambition to change and improve the conditions and the dynamics for beauty clinics in Europe. We soon became one of the largest distributors of fillers, consumables and clinic equipment in Europe. Today we are active in 52 countries.

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